Research & Advocacy

Research and Advocacy is intertwined in organizational structure of Young India. An independent unit entitled “Centre for Development Studies & Research” is involved for the same. Research serves as a tool to identify issues for advocacy. The ‘CDSR’ team primarily conducts in-depth research studies on various social aspects as need. The results of the studies shape the work of Young India in the field, particularly in the areas of Quality Enhancement and Livelihood Promotion. The research findings are widely disseminated to all stakeholders – government agencies, NGOs, researchers, academicians, etc. Main instruments of dissemination are: publications, website, and media coverage. Young India hosts policy dialogue and also actively participates in such dialogue organized by other institutions at the national and state level.
The Unit works in several ways – workshops, cultural programs, regular discussions and personal contacts with policy and decision makers. So far, the focus has been on practices and tools to be applied at the field level. The wing disseminates the results of field experience and research through a broad range of media including: printed research studies, manuals and handbooks; tool-kits; videos and e-learning in English and Odia. The unit is gearing up itself for policy advocacy.