Young India is working for over 33 years to bring
Social Transformation & Development
Our Reach

Our Focus Area

Social Inclusion:

Ensuring equal opportunities and participation for all individuals in society.

Gender Equity:

Promote gender equality and work towards ending discrimination against women and girls.

Human Rights:

Uphold the principles of human rights and work towards protecting and promoting them.

Societal Peace:

Promoting understanding, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence among different groups for a harmonious society

Community Media:

Promoting community media as a powerful tool for promoting social change and empowering marginalized communities.

Rights based Development:

Promoting the rights of marginalized communities through development interventions.

Governance Accountability:

Advocacy for transparent and accountable governance at all levels.

Youth Advancement:

Empowering and supporting the youth to reach their full potential.

Local Self Governance:

Strengthening local governance and empowering communities to make decisions.

Sustainable Livelihoods:

Creating opportunities for sustainable and dignified livelihoods.

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