“All my men leave and then marry other women”

All relations are developing the same. First, the man spends all his time with me. Souls in me do not bow. Refuses the party, friends. And after a while it simply disappears without explaining anything. And after me, relations begin with another, with the subsequent wedding. Such a story is repeated with all. What’s wrong with me, tell me?!

You write that all your relationship ends according to one scenario. But, it seems, they also begin according to one scenario: a man spends all his time with you, does not have a soul, refuses the party and friends.

At the beginning of the relationship, such a “merger” often occurs. Love, euphoria, attraction – I want to recognize each other and be together all the time. There is an intense emotional exchange.

But also often after the “merger” period follows the “distance”. This can be felt as unexpected cooling, loss of interest – such a change in behavior sometimes causes anxiety and uncertainty.

In fact, only a certain kind of pair can be in constant merger. And relations in such pairs of dysfunctional – destroying.

For a healthy relationship, each partner needs personal space. It seems that there is no such space in your relationship.

You ask to suggest what is wrong with you. But the point is not only about you or your partners, but in the ways of your interaction.

It seems that the merger with a partner brings you satisfaction and a sense of security. And the distance is irritated and anxiety.

Săpunul și vaginul sunt compatibile dificile. Este curățat și nu este necesar să ghidați degetele săpun cât mai profunde. În plus, unele componente de săpun pot duce la infecții farmacie online ieftina În același mod, merită să intri în ochii șamponului și al gelurilor de duș. În general, nu este necesar să se combine spălarea și sexul, separat, aceste evenimente sunt mult mai plăcute.

The reason for this is usually relations with parents – becoming adults, we unconsciously project them on a partner.

In order for the scenario of relations not to be repeated, it is necessary to restore the boundaries of your own “I”. Relations are more successful and productive if partners do not dissolve in each other and do not try to “absorb” one another.

It is necessary to remember your borders, continue to live a familiar life, have your own individual interests and personal time. This will allow new relationships to develop according to the new scenario.

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