CHALA GAON KU JiBA (Let us go to village)

‘Villages are the spirit of India.’

Through the cities are the central place of business, education, health, technology but the real resources are the villagers and villages.

A village includes all type of persons and personalities to arrange own basic-needs. Every village has mostly producers of paddy & vegetables, cloth, water resources etc. But, with the time, villages are back ward due to revolution and evolution of rapid science and technologies, whose success couldn’t touch the villagers because of various factors barrier these facilities.

Therefore, the villages are still in as  the era of 18th   Century with the superstitions, untouchability, self-declared headman system, exploitations by upper castes, bonded labor, migration; remain blind to govt. welfare schemes & laws, which are seriously violating the Human Rights & fundamental Rights.

Young India has taken initiation since last one year towards reduce/suppress these injustice practices in society by its own effort against these social stigma.

“Chala Gaon ku jiba”   ia a campaign started by Young India to reach at the village, live with them & empower them to march forward for their rights.