Best Esports Betting Sites: US Esports Gambling Options 2023

Most online books accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We’ve talked about the influence that the public has on eSports betting. They are working with probability and have identified a favorite and an underdog. Now it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it to run with the public choice. It’s easy to see why props are specific to a certain game.

In the Battle Royale genre, few games have reached the heights of PUBG. This esport is currently played by millions and its competitions are famous around the globe. Rivalry covers every significant PUGB event, such as the PUBG Continental Series, the PUBG Nations Cup, or the PUBG Global try what he says Championship. So if PUBG betting is your jam, you will find here plenty of action to bet on. BetMGM offers an impressive welcome bonus for players as well as a plethora of Esports markets. We were particularly impressed by the quality and depth of market odds on display at BetMGM.

Bet on match results

Some people do but we’d be happier if you come to your own conclusion. It’s a 3-leg parlay where we need Gen G, DWG Kia and Fredit Brion all to win. You can bet what you are comfortable with between minimum and maximum limits.

Just like how that friendly kickabout in your backyard isn’t called professional soccer, playing a random ranked match online also doesn’t qualify as esports. Online sportsbooks offer a fun way to add excitement to your esports viewing experience or the opportunity to capitalize on your in-depth knowledge of the game. With esports becoming more and more popular, many sportsbooks are offering esports betting. You can check out the latest esports betting odds and  lines for free on online sportsbooks.

Bet on Sports.

You will find that with popular events, the numbers for point spreads will change drastically. The Dota 2 odds a day before an event may be low, but an hour before it starts, the points spread could take a huge swing, so it is important to always compare the latest numbers and watch for changes. Aussie rules or Australian football is a big sport in this country but you can watch it and bet on it even if you’ve never played it. The Australian Football League (AFL) will be your main source of Aussie Rules betting opportunities and Rivalry doesn’t skip a single match.

The experience is undeniably more enjoyable with a sportsbook that serves the users with high-quality streams, allowing bettors to watch the action unfold while they bet. Take a look at our table below for the technical specifications of Esports streaming. Betting on Esports is very similar to the process of betting on any other market. The Esports betting websites’ markets can be found in the sports section at the sportsbook and you will have options for both in-play betting and pre-match markets. As you can see these truly are the best Esports betting sites, offering a wide variety of strengths that ensure each sportsbook stands out in its own way elsewhere. You should pick your Esports betting site based on what is most important for you. We did the research and found the best books for esports bettors to deposit their money with.


But, some of the bigger online sportsbook operators do offer esports betting, for instance DraftKings and FanDuel. Interested players can also look into fantasy esports in the meantime. As you might expect, the growth in popularity of esports has gone hand-in-hand with a surge in popularity of esports betting. Many punters all over the world are now taking a keen interest in esports odds.

  • If you bet at a properly licensed bookmaker then odds are always legitimate.
  • Tennis is one of the most beautiful and exciting sports that you can bet on, and legendary players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal make it even more popular.
  • If you’ve found some tempting esports betting odds online then you can place the following types of bets.
  • The situation is somewhat different with eSports sports betting odds.
  • Although esports betting is not nearly as popular as sports betting, it can provide bettors with a new and exciting approach to gambling, and there are many advantages to learning how to bet on esports.

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